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Returns Policy

Here at DrChoStore, we ensure a fair return policy.

If you receive damaged products, please take a clear picture of the damaged or defective items, with the entire package (including the label), and send us an email at 

If you receive the wrong product(s), please take clear pictures of the incorrect product with the entire package and e-mail it to within 10 days. Please do not tamper with the product(s) that you did not order. The courier company will pick it up in the original box once we have confirmed the details, and the correct product(s) will be sent to your address. 

If one or two capsules have opened and the contents dispersed within the product, please understand that mistakes can happen during the production. This by no means affects the potency or quality of the actual product. Thank you for understanding and it is very much appreciated.

If you notice that part of the inner seal is opened while taking off the cap of the product, then please understand that this can happen during the production. As long as the outer seal is not broken then the product was never truly opened. Thank you for understanding and it is very much appreciated.

Please be advised that we cannot offer a refund or exchange, unless you receive wrong or damaged products. 

Please be noted that the same condition applies when return within the US. In case of 1) and 2), pleases use Priority mail or UPS 2nd day air.